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Masonic Funeral Services

One of the many privileges a Freemason enjoys is the right to a Masonic Funeral Service.  Our funeral services are a reflection on our Fraternity, and our Brotherly Love for one another.
If you desire a Masonic Funeral Service, your family must request your Lodge to perform a service in your honor.  We cannot show up at a funeral and perform our service uninvited.
To request a service, simply call, or direct your funeral director to call the Worshipful Master or Secretary of the Lodge your Loved one held his membership in.
If you are, or your family member was a member of a Lodge outside of our local area, one of the local Lodges would be happy to perform the service for your Lodge.  Please contact James R. Shaw at 610-678-6183.  Also, our local Funeral Directors should be able to assist you in contacting a Lodge.


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Last modified: January 17, 2013
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